Credit Repair

Have issues with your credit? You have come to the right place!

Credit Repair Louisville, KY

You should pay attention to your credit score as it is the primary element a lender uses to determine your reliability.

Without a strong credit history and score, lenders may potentially reject your loan request, increase the loan’s costs, or significantly lower the loan’s maximum amount.

Why Fix your Credit?

  1. To save money on interest
  2. To stop paying high security deposits
  3. To get a lower insurance rate
  4. To get a higher credit limit
  5. To improve your chance of getting your desired home 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What should my credit score be?

Your FICO Score will lie between  300 and 850. But the better your score is, the better your chances are of getting a mortgage.

You can get the best mortgage rates and terms by having a higher credit score. In addition, depending on the sort of mortgage you’re searching for, some lenders have credit requirements for buying a home.

What actions can potentially hurt my credit?
Reviewing these factors that can damage your credit may be helpful because they can damage it far more quickly than they can help it:
– Not making timely payments for bills
– Filing for bankruptcy or foreclosure
– Making excessive credit account applications
– Maintaining high credit card balances
– Ignoring potentially negative entries on your report

Want to Fix your Credit?